John Hunter Says Thank You

It has been many years that we in the Newcastle Diocesan AMUA have supported the NICU [Neo Intensive Care Unit}, at John Hunter Hospital, in Lambton, Newcastle.

At present we are knitting jackets, that open with press studs so that they can easily gain access to the baby.

Material has been called for so that small items can be made up by their regular sewing volunteers as required.

We have made teddies, small rugs that cover the cribs, that distinguishes day and night for the baby, baby bundles for those mums who are in real need are given. A bag of items that are needed for the first few days at home for the new bub.

Members of Newcastle Diocese are very generous, with their provision of these items which can include anything from nappies to bibs, to wonder suits, beautifully knitted or crocheted cardigans and bootees, singlets, you name it, its there. These are given to Women’s refuges as well.

Money raised from the sale of our cards is given as a cash donation is given annually at the Overseas luncheon to a member from NICU they also gives an update on their requirements at the time.

It is a wonderful ministry and one that all can be involved in.

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