Mothers Union The Entrance Closes

In February during the healing service at All Saints The Entrance the branch was officially closed.

Leonie Toovey represented the Diocese and we were most grateful for her time and her encouraging presence.

The branch commenced in 1954. With a short recess where members attended Bateau Bay Mothers Union. The branch recommenced with the encouragement of Reverend Wilma and Meg Seargent in 1993.

With some degree of sadness we will be merging once again with Bateau Bay. We have received a beautiful invitation from Margorie Nelson, President.

As we look forward to our new associated group may I offer this prayer from our prayer diary:

“Loving Lord, our faith is in you; we trust in your plans for a future where we will bear eternal fruit as we follow your commands. May we always be a source of blessing to the world you have called us to serve.”

Pamela Tant