St Peters East Maitland

East Maitland goes into recess

In 1967 St Peter’s Mothers Union Branch was commenced by Mrs Eva Williams (wife of the then Rector) and it has continued ever since; but sadly, in October 2022 it went into recess; the last meeting being on 17th October at the home of Mrs Yvonne Bell (Secretary) and this was followed by a lovely lunch.

It was a happy/sad occasion – but we were aware of the limitations placed on us with age and health wise. We were grateful for the happy times we have shared together, and hope to keep in touch with each other within the coming year, and several members have elected to become Lone Members.

The attached photo was taken on that occasion, showing those present being myself (Judy Redden); Coral Galagher; Yvonne Bell; Kay Davies, and Kath Waddell. Sadly, our three 90 year old Members were unable to be present, being Noelle Freeman (Life Member and former Diocesan Mothers Union President); Betty Taylor and Naomi Gresham; as well as Margaret Dunn, who is now a resident at Booragul.

The branch having gone into recess, and not closed – leaves the door open for the opportunity on some future occasion for the branch to be active once again.


Judy Redden

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