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Mothers Union in South Sudan

Dear Friends in AMUA,

South Sudanese Bishops’ wives and other representatives of Mothers Union in South Sudan met in Uganda a few weeks ago. This was a wonderful time of doing MULOA together and of breaking down tribal and language barriers. In a great demonstration of the power of prayer and of God’s mercy, women who were either suspicious of or openly hostile towards others in the group were able to listen to each other, to forgive hurts and to pray and praise God together. What a wonderful privilege it is to be able to share in such a powerful work of God, and to support our brothers and sisters in South Sudan as they continue to work at showing forth the unity that we share in Christ.

I am thrilled that I now have some photos and stories to share from these meetings. I hope they will be helpful as you encourage MU members to be generous in giving their prayerful and financial support of this project. AMUA has undertaken to send the amount requested by Mary Sumner House to cover the cost of this important gathering immediately, so members’ contributions will replenish our funds and enable us to continue to partner with Mothers Union in various parts of the world.

I hope these resources are a help to you.

With warmest greetings in Christ,



South Sudan Stories of Change

Widows, prisoners, military, orphans and people with disabilities were helped.  The change was the safe provision of food for widows by stopping looting by the military.  The Mothers union helped the military to come to know God and change their behaviour such as lying. Done this through a Bible verse approach.  John 17 V 17.  Food was provided and collected from different parishes. 700 chickens were sold which provided the money to give the capacity for members to make this change. Various challenges were encountered including bad politics, justice and peace.  While lack of frequent salaries/ money extended the time this change took to make.

Helped widows, the vulnerable and the sick.  The change was improved quality of life by provided them with soap, sugar clothes and praying with them.  This change was done by members through visits to those identified as needy.  “God said if you are blessed with resources you should give to the poor and those in need” This was resourced by creative income generation by members.  (Making and selling)  Hindrances, some members were reluctant, and lack of full cost.

Members discovered that a family was in need when the mother ran to them after being tested positive for HIV going home and encountering a violent husband after she asked him to be tested. Through visiting the family over a couple of months and becoming friends, members were able to overcome attitudes and stigma from the community and the man’s family to encourage the man to eventually get tested. He did go with his 3 sons who all tested positive.  Members were able to help get the family access to anti virals which has increased their health.  The family also have increased quality of life as members help with the woman is feeling weak with daily activities.

5 young Mother Union members from a village facing poverty were helped. They were helped with increasing their food cultivation and improving their health.  This was done by trainings and organising the woman into groups for fellowship.  The change was increased quality of life, sustainability of livelihoods, honesty was brought to the community and the ladies now respect themselves and their community.

Members identified a blind man and his wife who needed help.  Mothers Union did this by helping care for their son with the local church leader.  Sourcing and providing accommodation.

Members decided to help a community change for the better via micro finance.  This was done by meeting with those that were identified as needing help.  Organising into groups, providing the initial loan and proving training on savings.  The change was a better quality of life, independence, financial stability and a reduction in the poverty level of those identified. Struggles included a lack of commitment and initial capital.


South Sudan MULOA Retreat Quotes

Now we are mixing, we are getting to know each other

It is a miracle that you can bring all these women together from all different parts of SS.

  1. a lady lost her sister during the workshop, she shared during the ‘sharing circle’ activity and her whole family group prayed for her and comforted her.
  2. In the same group, a woman from Rumbek has been caring for 30 orphans. When she left she was worried who would provide food for them as she did not have enough money to leave. She shared with her family group during the sharing circle and in the afternoon, a man had arrived with money to buy food to feed the children. Again, this was related to the power of their family group’s prayers.
  3. The sharing circles help me to see I am not the only one suffering, others have burdens.
  4. After sharing burdens with our sisters, I realised God would relieve our burdens
  5. We were able to lay our burdens down so we are free.
  6. I was able to share whatever was burdening me with each and every member of my group.
  7. This sharing helped me a lot because I carried this heavy burden in my heart all this time. When I shared with him, I feel light.
  8. I thought I was on my own with these burdens. When sharing, I realised we are together.
  9. We need to be careful as we as the Mothers Union are the salt.
  10. If you have faith you will bring those who have darkness out.
  11. Mothers Union should be light to the people.  Light exposes the light of Jesus to people.
  12. If we are not attentive to outside Mothers Union people will not come in.  People come to Mothers Union when we are attentive.
  13. Let us be light then God will use us.
  14. When you have light, you do good things and that brings people to you.
  15. We are excited because we are gaining knowledge.
  16. Team from Mary Sumner love us! They want to make a friendship with us.  They help us communicate.
  17. God has given us people to show us the way in Akot Diocese.
  18. The power of prayer is strong.
  19. We go from home to home to strengthen the Mothers Union.