Sunday 19th November

Positive Gender Roles

‘Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good’
(1 Corinthians 12:7)

Our personal gifts vary significantly. As I pray for my children and grandchildren,
I can see them as individuals and I smile at their delightful differences.
What should I pray for? I am thankful that in our world so many opportunities
have arisen for both men and women and this needs to become normal.
I don’t think I pray that they will all become doctors (though it would be good to have a doctor in the family!),
I pray that they will take those varied gifts and use them with all their might for the good of others.
Our Christian calling is love and I pray that they will always walk the path of love with the Lord Jesus who loves them.

Question for self: What do I pray for young people?

Merciful Lord, we pray for Muyinga in Burundi as members work towards
peace and reconciliation and endeavour to find an effective way
of addressing domestic violence and other family issues.
They ask that we pray that the cycle and chain of violence in families be broken.
Give thanks for the work of the Mothers Union in Bendigo
as the whole diocese is getting involved with the 16 Days of Activism and Mothers Union
is going to be providing prayer diaries for all parishes,
as well as the Facebook campaign again through their Cathedral page. Amen

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