Celebrating 190 years Membership

Celebrating 190 years of Mothers Union Membership

The August meeting of Cardiff Mothers Union was buzzing on Mary Sumner Day 2022.

We welcomed Mothers Union Diocesan President, Denise Brown who spoke of the life and work of Mary Sumner linking this with the Mothers Union Diocesan theme 2022:¬† “The time for Transformation is now”.

Following Denise’s address, six members who have embraced this theme over many years, were presented with their Long Membership Awards: Laurel Blow-60 years, Leanne Kibble-30 years, Kathleen Wilkes-30 years, Father Garry Atherton-25 years, Karen Atherton-25 years and Margaret Jackaman-20 years making a total of 190 years of membership.

A congratulatory cake  was cut and enjoyed by all present after an enjoyable lunch.

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