Donation for NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

This photo of Dr. Paul Craven and myself was taken following the Overseas & Northern Luncheon at New Lambton. Dr. Paul received his yearly donation for NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit-John Hunter Hospital).  This cheque is made available by members generous help over the year, buying cards and Mothers Union goods etc.  When this photo was taken I did not think I would be seeing it in the newsletter/website, Kim has asked me to write something to you.

I think we in Mothers Union all hope that we can continue our work in the community and especially on the lines of NICU and what we can in a small way contribute to this most worthwhile project. Whilst visiting the babies over many years, I always hoped I would have enough bootees, there was always plenty and lots over. God is so good.  It is the same with the baby bundles that are lovingly made up by our Hospital Visiting Co-ordinator – there has always been plenty – thanks to the kindness of all our members.

There is a verse in the Mia Mia, “Love is of giving in so many ways thinking of others on all our days.”

How good is it to belong to such an organisation as Mothers Union!

Laurel Brook