Maitland Celebrates Wave of Prayer

Wave of prayer commenced in England in 1921. Every diocese in the World wide organization is prayed for during the midday prayers on 3 consecutive days each year. This unbroken chain of prayer provides the spiritual foundation for the mission and work of Mothers Union.

Judy, Nancy, Sue, Thelma, Margaret Jones, Betty, Wendy, Christine, Marilyn, members of the Maitland Parish Mothers Union, met for their assigned an hour, to celebrate together. They prayed for  Mothers Union as well as our link branches, Mahajanga, Mara, West Buranda, Kwoi, East Kerala and Newcastle.

As part of the 'unbroken chain' they followed on from Bateau Bay and The Entrance and  Gloucester followed on from my Maitland.

Afternoon tea was enjoyed by all.