Lady Day 2018

With the sun shining throughout the Cathedral the procession began with Peter Guy, the organist, heralding the beginning of the Lady Day service with the hymn 'Holy and Gracious God'.

The banners as usual made a colourful display as they entered the Cathedral.

The Right Reverend Dr Peter Stuart was our Presider and Preacher, Reverend Jan Deaves, Deacon in the absence of our Chaplain, Reverend Gary Harman due to ill health, Ms Jacqueline Drewe, Sub Deacon and Susan Skowronski the Editor of Mia Mia, our Guest Speaker.

Readings were competently read by Lyn Wickham, Leonie Toovey, Glenda Grono and prayers caringly spoken by Dorothy Harman.

Bishop Peter presented a strong sermon  pointing out to us the risks Mary, the mother of our Lord, took in being an unmarried, pregnant woman and indeed Joseph in his journey with her.  This was linked with Mary Sumner, founder of Mothers Union and the risks and courage she showed in establishing Mothers Union, the need to adapt to the changing role of women in society – working for families across the globe.

The old saying, "Children should be seen and not heard" should no longer apply. Setting a challenge to Mothers Union as parents, grandparents and great grandparents to hear children in our parishes. Do we listen to the voices of children with the dignity and equality they deserve? Do we listen to the words behind the words children express – continue with grace when the conversation becomes too hard to hear. You as Mothers Union have a mission as ambassadors to ensure children in our parishes are heard.


At the conclusion of the prayers Mothers Union Executive were commissioned for 2018.

Lyn Wickham thanked Bishop Peter for being with us and a thought provoking sermon. A gift was presented to the Bishop.

With the blessing and dismissal from Bishop Peter the banners and clergy processed to the lawn area for the traditional photo of banners, crucifers, acolytes and deacons.

Upon returning to our seats in the Cathedral Denise Brown announced apologies and best wishes.

In Pat Calder's absence Denise read Pat's heartfelt introduction to our guest speaker: Susan Skowronski.

Susan spoke on Grandmother's thoughts as a story teller. Speaking about her family history and how grateful she was her great great grandfather had taken time to record his life. Susan encouraged us to do this also for future generations. Susan then turned our minds to Jesus’ grandparents making sure we differentiate between fact, tradition, legend, and our own imagination and how they and Mary felt at his crucifixion, how she was supported with love and service at the cross and how we with difficulty support family and friends in their/our suffering, using the loss of her beautiful grandson Jared as an example.

Jeanette Johnston thanked Susan for being with us.

Our day finished with midday prayers.